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Weekly fixtured  competitions run all year round. Teams can join at any time, and points will be adjusted accordingly. 

Junior/Open Competitions

Junior competitons run for the duration of the school term. ( 4 seasons per year) 
Open Age season run for approximately 12 weeks

  • $48 per team per week. (Max 4 players)
  • $10 registration fee per player per season.
  • 40 minute time slot each week. 
  • 3 individual 10 minute games played each week.

Junior Ages

  • Under 8s/10s /12s  Mixed Boys and Girls
  • Under 14s/16s/18s Boys and Girls

4:00pm/4:40pm under 12s ( Mixed boys and girls)
5:20pm/6:00pm under 14s
6:40pm under 16s

4:00pm/4:40pm under 8s ( Mixed boys and girls)
5:20/6:00pm under 10s (Mixed Boys and Girls) 
6:40pm under 18s

Open Ages

Monday - Mens
Tuesday - Ladies + Mixed
Wednesday- Mens

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