Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have enough players for a full team?

You can register as an individual. We will compile our individual registrations and create a team for you.  Alternatively, you can register for our scrambles

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What is scramble?

Scramble is our completely new competition format. Scrambles last 3 hours. Individuals register and they are then randomly placed in a team. Teams compete in a minimum of 8 games per scramble. Plenty of action with some rest thrown in! Scramble is a fun, high energy competition that sees competitors earn points to their indivdual account, which can be redeemed at our store.

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Can I hire a court to use?

Court hire is available throughout the day most days. By following the link to the book court section, you can see available times, you can also add one of our ball machines to use.


Whats the required equipment?

We are all about self-expression! We want to see our communities spirit shown in various forms of clothes and shoes! However we do request that only white soled shoes are worn, to preserve our courts.